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Impactful and innovative productions
cultivated by creativity, collaboration and exploration.

Blue Smoke


We believe in the power and unbridled creativity that comes through collaboration and communication. The pack is a way of working, playing and creating to find innovative and impactful productions that not only reach audiences but reflect your brand and its values.

From concept to creation, Creative Pack comes from a diverse background of talents to help bring your vision to life. Services we provide include creative direction, choreography, aerial, martial arts, acrobatics, diving, video content and much more.

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Blue Smoke

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Our Creative Founders

Shay Kuebler

As a child of the 80’s, Shay grew up with a passion for The Ninja Turtles and action movies. Naturally, this would bring him to martial arts, theatre and dance at the age of 5. As he became a professional performer and budding choreographer, his value for versatility and exposure to new things continued to grow. This connected to his belief that art and creativity are empowered through collaboration and continual rediscovery. He considers himself a very good generalist and is grateful for his experiences in numerous forms of dance, music, theatre and martial arts. He’s continued to invest in his interdisciplinary background through intensive study periods in Brazil, Japan, China and The USA in everything from Shaolin Kung Fu to Taiko Drumming.


Shay’s versatility as an artist has seen him work as choreographer, movement director and director for both the screen and stage. Some of his choreography and directing highlights include: SEE, Psych, HP Computers, Bravo Fact, Ballet BC, Ballet Edmonton and Royal Caribbean Entertainment.


With Royal Caribbean Entertainment, Shay is a director and choreographer of the company’s largest, newest and most demanding aqua productions. These aqua shows integrate divers, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, dancers and specialty performers in a state-of-the-art aqua theatre. With the company, he’s directed and choreographed The Fine Line, HIRO, InTENse and Aqua Action.

In 2014, Shay founded his performing arts company Radical System Art (RSA). RSA creates live dance-theatre works that look to captivate audiences through impactful themes, visceral physicality and rich visuals. As a director, choreographer, producer, composer and performer, Shay and RSA have created 7 full-evening shows that have toured all over the world.


Shay’s range of experiences and training enable him to be an asset on any production. He feels immense purpose in creating and supporting others in their creative pursuits, and believes creativity is what makes us human. It is our greatest gift.

Sammie Denham

Sammie Denham is a dancer, choreographer, creative director and instructor, with an extensive background in the performing arts. Her strong versatility has made her a successful, sought after artist in the industry.


Originally from Canada, Sammie trained in multiple styles of dance from a young age and has worked consistently in live stage, television and film for over 15 years. As a performer she has danced for artists such as Elise Estrada and Mariana’s Trench, performed at live events such as the Pan Am Games Closing Ceremonies and the Times of India Film Awards, and can be seen in tv and films such as “The L-word" and "The Layover".


Sammie’s dynamic and challenging choreography, combining both athleticism and style keeps her in high demand as a creator. She has been on faculty at world renowned studios such Vancouver’s Harbour Dance Centre and Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. She’s choreographed for brands such as L’Oreal and Miss World Canada, created pieces for companies including Joffrey Ballet School and The Lovers Cabaret and presented the world premiere of her full length choreographic piece titled ‘Dances on Water' for the Sechelt Arts Festival 20th Anniversary in BC, Canada.

Sammie has also had the privilege of traveling the world as a performer and creative. Her work has taken her across Canada, USA, UK and China, as well as globally for Royal Caribbean Productions, performing in three original productions created by Moment Factory. A highlight of that experience was a show called The Fine Line – an outdoor aqua show in which she was part of the original cast and creation, performing in and out of the water as a dancer and aerialist.

Stepping into the role of associate choreographer and director for creations at Royal Caribbean was a natural next step for Sammie. She is proud to have been part of the creative teams for four original creations at Royal – Aqua80, The Book, inTENse, and Aqua Action.

Sammie is looking forward to expanding her creative endeavors with Creative Pack,  pushing artistic boundaries and captivating audiences with her innovative choreography and visionary direction.

Felix Hirt

Felix' journey began in 2007 when he entered the show business realm, captivating audiences with his talents showcased on prominent German TV shows like Galileo and TV Total. His talent extends across various disciplines, with titles such as four-time Splashdiving world champion, national trampoline champion, and holder of a world record in 10m diving.


Felix embarked on a global adventure in 2012, making live-shows his career. From residing in China for four years to touring the USA for two, and performing in Dubai, Europe, and beyond, Felix's energy and passion for entertainment knew no bounds.


His journey reached new heights aboard the largest Royal Caribbean Cruise ships, where he not only dazzled audiences with his performances but also showcased his creative flair by choreographing acrobatics and other movements for the company's shows. As his passion evolved, Felix took on roles in directing stage video content and associate directing new show creations, demonstrating his innate ability to shape captivating narratives through visual storytelling.


Beyond the spotlight, Felix's curiosity led him to dive into the realm of technology, mastering coding in various programming languages and building skills in 3D software like Blender and Unity. This fusion of creativity and technical proficiency culminated in the creation of YourSplash, the world's first diving simulator app, marking Felix's foray into game development. With an array of positive reviews and subsequent game titles under his belt, Felix's innovative approach to merging real-world movement with virtual art has garnered recognition in both industries.


Felix is looking forward to continue his journey with the Creative Pack to create and collaborate.

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